Time to Sprint!

We are nearing the end of the year!  Now is NOT the time to quit or slow down or have the “maintain mentality” that it’s ok if I just stay like this, it’s the holiday season spirit!  NO.  Time to kick it up and finish strong!  STAY postitive!  You have worked to hard to go back, even one pound!  Going forward insures you don’t go back.  Time to increase exercise. 

And that is my pep talk to myself!  I just feel like the goal is so far away.  Depending on what chart I read, I’m supposed to be between 138 and 132.  I weighed 140.5 this morning.  How bad do I want this?!  What am I willing to do?  Do I make a healthy choice or unhealthy?  The results are weight loss/maintain or gain. 

I did take a 30 minute walk before breakfast but not being very healthy in my eating!  I’m keeping a food journal today to keep myself accountable!

Breakfast – 2 glasses of water
                 1/2 Burrito Bowl (leftover from BOOrito celebration at Chipotle yesterday.
                 Chocolate cupcake with lots of orange frosting
                 cafe con leche, only a little bit of milk in my coffee. 

WOW!  That is a lot of calories!

Whatever.  Too embarrassed to do a food journal!!!  I had chocolate Halloween candy, hot cocoa, ham, pizza, yogurt.  It was ugly.

And that is the brutal honest truth!  Ha!  And you know what?  It didn’t bring me any happiness.  No closer to my goal.  Not satisfying either – despite what the candy bar slogans say.  They LIE.  I want to be motivated.  I am scared.  I think I’m afraid of reaching my goal.  It’s weird.  But true.  I have to figure out how to get over that phenomenon.

I just read the perfect quote!!!

“Being Fat is Hard. Losing Weight is Hard. Maintenance is Hard. Choose Your Hard.”

Reminds me of “Life is hard.  It’s harder if you’re fat.”

I need to find some real inspiration!  I’ve been trying to pump myself up but it’s not working! 


. . . To Be Continued . . .


2 responses to “Time to Sprint!

  1. Woo hoo, I am printing this out! Thanks for the encouragement! I know it was to yourself, but it is exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks!
    keep on keeping on….

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sheri. I am glad you were encouraged! We must stay in the fight! May God provide strength and wisdom!

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