Tragedy and Triumph

I’ve been through so much these past few years and it finally came to a climax on  January 30, 2013.  As a result, my weight has been all over the place!  At the start of the year we were recovering from the flu so I wasn’t eating much.  Then I  started eating compulsively and couldn’t stop myself and I gained 7  pounds.  Then tragedy hit and I lost 10 pounds in a week.  Then in February I gained 2 of those pounds back.  So far in March I gained yet 3 more pounds.

I’m still down about 14 pounds from where I was a year ago so that is success!  I’ve lost (well, lost and regained tons but not talking about that!) about 18.5 lbs since I started this blog!  Even through all the ups and downs I have kept off some of it and that is progress!  I am borderline “normal” – by some charts I am normal, some I need to lose about 7 pounds.

I would like to weigh 125.  I think that would be a good weight for me.   So that’s about 14 pounds.  I could totally do that by summer.  I really don’t feel too fat right now.  But I live in a land where most of the population is overweight so of course I look fine to most people.  I never exercise and I know I need to be exercising daily!  I know that would help me maintain a healthy weight.  With all the stress and tragedy in my life I don’t want the added stress of fat on my body.   


2 responses to “Tragedy and Triumph

  1. oh my how I can relate. last year down 25, back up 10 before the first of this year (still down 15, success right?), then surgery this month so down 10 again, and now I’ve creeped up 2 so I am trying to make wise food choices til I can start exercising again. However, I am not in normal ranges and look forward to losing more before summer. I do understand that it is not about appearances, but how we feel on the inside… so as you get close to your goal don’t forget that it is our soul that needs to be fed too, just as much as the gut. *smile*

  2. Hope you are experiencing some success this summer! It’s been such a struggle for me. I keep reaching for comfort food in the wake of my grief. I just have to take a break from weight loss goals right now. I try to make better choices and I want to return to my lowest point this year. Just not in the mindset right now. I’d only frustrate myself. Have a great summer!

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