Keto – “Kinda”

Here we are again!  I want to get healthy before I reach retirement age.  I don’t want anyone to have to take care of me because I failed to take care of myself.  I went to the doctor and found out my sugars were really high so that is very motivating!  I’m doing low carb, trying to avoid anything that will raise my blood sugars.

Before when I lost weight, I ate whatever I wanted.  Just small portions, but I had sweets.  This time, I’m avoiding sugar like the plague that it is.  I’m not super strict on the carbs like some people.  I do have corn, beans, potatoes, etc on occasion – but when I do I have 1/2 portions.

Honestly, have not been exercising.  I want to.  Just have not.  A friend told me that if I forced myself to run then I would, after a month, be craving exercise.  Doubtful.  But, I know I need to get moving for my health!  So far I’ve lost 16 pounds!  I want to lose 10 more before January 1.

The doctor told me I needed to lose 4 pounds more.  I feel like I need to lose 20.  Whatever it takes to get my blood glucose at a healthy number!

Fingers crossed!  🙂


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