July’s Goal

Yesterday I tried to run a mile.  I made it to the end of the drive.  OK, to the end of the stop sign – but that wasn’t too far from the end of the drive.  I walked/jogged the mile.  Which was actually a little over a mile.  A little, I’m saying.  Nonetheless, I felt totally out of shape when I was done.  I really didn’t lose anything last month.  But, I didn’t gain either.  Oh, well.  I still have the same goals.  I just have to have a new game plan! 

I need to exercise much more!  May attempt the mile again. 

I WILL be below 138 by months end!  Not sure how but I’m determined!


New Goal Set

So here were are in June and I didn’t reach my goal.  In fact, I still have 3.5 pounds to lose to reach the goal I set for May – to be 138.  : (  That happens sometimes in life.  I will reach it, just not as soon as I planned.  I was 141.5 this morning.  It’s slow.  It’s painful.  But it is worth it.  I’m worth it! 

I realized this week that my lowest point in the last 16 years was 134.5.  And that was very briefly back when I was on weight watchers.  I got discouraged and quit. 

Therefore, my goal for this month is EIGHT pounds.  Eight pounds would mean I would be at my lowest point in over 16 years.  Who knows the last time I weighed 134.  And if I lose 8 pounds that will be a new record for me for the year because the most I’ve lost in 1 month is 7lbs.  So, it’s totally achievable.  I just have to believe and NEVER GIVE UP!



Poison Ivy

So this weekend I was walking around in my mother-in-law’s yard and down the road by her house picking wildflowers.  Two days later I have a rash on my wrists, face, neck, and my lips are swollen and itchy.  At first I thought it was hives but now I’m pretty sure it’s the ivy. 

I used to get it every summer of my childhood.  But it has been years and I was hoping that I’d become immue.  Nope.  Last summer a family member had it and it turned dark purple.  I pray that doesn’t happen to my face! 

Yesterday was the first day the rash appeared.  I took some benadryl but then I slept half the day!  So, I took some again last night but feel groggy now.  This morning I took a hot shower and then dried off and applied some tea tree oil.  It made my eyes sting because the smell was so strong but it actually felt better!

I just read that people have had success with baking soda and vinegar.  I may try that later today.

Needless to say, I so don’t feel like sweating or working out with this nasty rash!  And that is not good since I seem to be stuck around 144 and the month is almost gone.  I had hoped to be much smaller by this point.  But I’m doing it on my own alone without any pills or special diet food or some weird fad diet. 

Attitude is everything!  I will meet my goal!

“I get knocked down but . . .

I get up again!  You’re never gonna keep me down!”

OK, so I was 142 on Sunday the 13th, albeit that was post a 24 hour fast following a gallbladder attack.  Therefore, it was mostly water weight and I knew I’d gain at least a pound once I started eating again.  And I did.  Then I just kept going up and up until yesterday – May 15 – I was back up to 145.5.  I gained 3.5 pounds!  Unbelievable!  Today I was back at 144. 

I just read (in an old Prevention Guide magazine from 2010) “that for every pound of fat you lose, you decrease the number of calories you expend each day by about 10.  So, when you shed 10 pounds, you will be burning about 100 calories less each day.”  I guess that explains why people hit plateaus. 

This morning I jumped rope and walked and jogged for 30 minutes.  I’m trying to drink lots of water. 

I just have to be determined that I’m going to get back down to 142 and stay focused.  And stay away from the sugar and chips which brought me back up to 145 POINT 5!  Yikes.  I can do this.

With God as my help I cannot fail!


Me and God

TWO more goals met! 20 pounds gone! :)

I met my short term goal is to get to 144.  Then my next goal was 143.  I’ve lost 20 pounds since January!  Time to get rid of my fat clothes!

Now, time to focus on my next goal of 139 and be done with the 140’s FOREVER!  Then my next goal is to reach 138 on or before June 1st.  Then 135 and then 132 and then 129.  

Finally, I’m going to be at a healthy weight!

New Goals for a New Month!

I am still very determined to reach my goal of getting to a healthy weight.  On Jan 30 at 157.5 I had set a goal to lose 30 lbs by June 1st.  In order to still reach my goal I would have to lose like 5 lbs a week next month!  Five pounds is ALL I lost the entire month of April.  I am not going to let myself get stressed about it.  I’m in this for life.  As long as I’m losing and learning healthy habits and moving in the right direction, right?  I’m at my lowest weight in years.  My new long term goal is to start the new year in the 120’s.  I think that would be a good weight for me.  But time will tell. 

My short term goal is to get to 144.  I like even numbers and I just want to get past the 1/2 way point to 130 so 144 will make me a happy fat woman!  Then my next goal is 143 – the 20 lb weight loss mark!  And I’m so close to both these goals.  I am hoping to see these goals met by next Sunday.   I’ve had a goal to be 138 for years because I thought it was a “normal” BMI for me.  Turns out, not so much.  That’s OK.  I will still rejoice to see that number.  Finally.  Therefore, my goal for May is to reach 138.  That would mean I have to lose 6.5 lbs. for the month.  Totally a realistic goal.

Speaking of BMI – this BMI calculator for women says I’m normal!  This one is for women and men and according to it, I’m overweight.  Finally, this BMI chart  says I need to be 132 to be “normal”.

I just have to remember – nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!  🙂

Diastasis Recti

I, like so many other mamas, have a condition called Diastasis Recti (DR) which is a separation of the stomach muscle.  Men can have it too so it’s not just having babies that can cause the muscles to separate.  Heavy lifting can also cause the condition.  Most doctors say the only fix is a tummy tuck.  Some say exercise can help. However, some exercises like crunches make it worse!  Here are some links to some exercises that are supposed to help reduce, if not eliminate, the “pooch” caused by DR. 


I seem to be stuck at 148!  I know I’ve not been as diligent every day as I should so I’m thinking I need some new motivation.  I cannot give up or regress.  Therefore, my only option is to go forward!  Going to do a food diary today.

Cinnamon Coffee – black
Toast with butter
2 Eggs with a big handful of fresh spinach cooked in EV coconut oil


1 slice bread
Tuna Salad
grape tomatoes
Larabar – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip GF 220 calories!
sip of Hawaiian punch

WOW!  That is a lot and I’m not full.  Gotta get some water!  I’m really tired today so that doesn’t help.  After a few minutes I actually did feel full.

1 tostado
1 tortilla
canned chicken, sazon goya, black beans, corn, green onions, garlic powder, small amount of cheese
sip of milk

Well that was humbling!  🙂

Down 15 pounds and counting!

Yes, I’m finally at 148.  I just haven’t been able to get past it!  I weighed 147.5 April 5 and April 12.  Then I just go right back up to 148 and above.  So ridiculous!

I’ve been 148 for 3 mornings in a row.  I’m anxious to drop to 147 and NEVER go back.  Just looking at my Sunday readings for the month I’ve lost 1 lb then 1/2 a pound.  

Oh well, you can’t go back.   At least I’ve not been above 149 since April 2!  I still have my eyes on the prize.  I’m still determined to get to the 130’s by June 1st.  It’s just going to be harder than if I’d been working steady all along.

I just have to work harder if I want to see better results.  I should probably keep a food journal to keep me accountable this week. 

My life goal is to make sweets a rare treat not a daily snack.  I want to drink lots of water throughout the day – every day.  Avoid soft drinks and junk.   And NEVER overeat.  ALWAYS make the better choice.  Mostly, I just need to get moving and exercise!

So, 145, here I come!