Sadly, I’m back up to the weight I was in APRIL!  Seriously?  It’s like all those months of hard work have been erased and now I have to start over.  But, I can.  I did it once and I can do it again.  And again.  I can NEVER give up. 

AUGUST I was doing pretty well.  Mostly around 140.  Then September I was maintaining.  Although that was not my goal, I still kept off the weight I’d lost this year.

I stopped walking around August and got a sit down job.  Not good.  The stress drove me to food.  Not good.  Now here we are mid October and back with May’s numbers.

I want to be back in the 130’s at the end of this month.  Today (October 16, 2012) I am back at 142.5 so it’s doable!  Right?

If I made it a goal to lose ONLY 2 lbs each week until the end of the year – that’s like 11 weeks.  Wow, that would be too cool!  I want to get back to 137.5 – my lowest weight (on my old scale).  Yep.  That’s it!  My goal for October is to be 137.5 by October 31.  Then I won’t feel like I’ve lost all those months.  That is 5 lbs.  If I can be 140 on Oct 21 and 138 on the 28th and then 137.5 on the 31st, I’ll have met my goal! 

It’s not rocket science.  I just have to quit eating late at night, drink more water, – or  just “Lay back, take a sip of tea, mow a little grass; and then if you get tired, take you a little nap.”

That’s what I always say, Jack!


2 responses to “OCTOBER

  1. Ahh, yes, I too have gone back up a few lbs, so back at it I go.

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