New Goal Set

So here were are in June and I didn’t reach my goal.  In fact, I still have 3.5 pounds to lose to reach the goal I set for May – to be 138.  : (  That happens sometimes in life.  I will reach it, just not as soon as I planned.  I was 141.5 this morning.  It’s slow.  It’s painful.  But it is worth it.  I’m worth it! 

I realized this week that my lowest point in the last 16 years was 134.5.  And that was very briefly back when I was on weight watchers.  I got discouraged and quit. 

Therefore, my goal for this month is EIGHT pounds.  Eight pounds would mean I would be at my lowest point in over 16 years.  Who knows the last time I weighed 134.  And if I lose 8 pounds that will be a new record for me for the year because the most I’ve lost in 1 month is 7lbs.  So, it’s totally achievable.  I just have to believe and NEVER GIVE UP!




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