Poison Ivy

So this weekend I was walking around in my mother-in-law’s yard and down the road by her house picking wildflowers.  Two days later I have a rash on my wrists, face, neck, and my lips are swollen and itchy.  At first I thought it was hives but now I’m pretty sure it’s the ivy. 

I used to get it every summer of my childhood.  But it has been years and I was hoping that I’d become immue.  Nope.  Last summer a family member had it and it turned dark purple.  I pray that doesn’t happen to my face! 

Yesterday was the first day the rash appeared.  I took some benadryl but then I slept half the day!  So, I took some again last night but feel groggy now.  This morning I took a hot shower and then dried off and applied some tea tree oil.  It made my eyes sting because the smell was so strong but it actually felt better!

I just read that people have had success with baking soda and vinegar.  I may try that later today.

Needless to say, I so don’t feel like sweating or working out with this nasty rash!  And that is not good since I seem to be stuck around 144 and the month is almost gone.  I had hoped to be much smaller by this point.  But I’m doing it on my own alone without any pills or special diet food or some weird fad diet. 

Attitude is everything!  I will meet my goal!


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