“I get knocked down but . . .

I get up again!  You’re never gonna keep me down!”

OK, so I was 142 on Sunday the 13th, albeit that was post a 24 hour fast following a gallbladder attack.  Therefore, it was mostly water weight and I knew I’d gain at least a pound once I started eating again.  And I did.  Then I just kept going up and up until yesterday – May 15 – I was back up to 145.5.  I gained 3.5 pounds!  Unbelievable!  Today I was back at 144. 

I just read (in an old Prevention Guide magazine from 2010) “that for every pound of fat you lose, you decrease the number of calories you expend each day by about 10.  So, when you shed 10 pounds, you will be burning about 100 calories less each day.”  I guess that explains why people hit plateaus. 

This morning I jumped rope and walked and jogged for 30 minutes.  I’m trying to drink lots of water. 

I just have to be determined that I’m going to get back down to 142 and stay focused.  And stay away from the sugar and chips which brought me back up to 145 POINT 5!  Yikes.  I can do this.

With God as my help I cannot fail!


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