New Goals for a New Month!

I am still very determined to reach my goal of getting to a healthy weight.  On Jan 30 at 157.5 I had set a goal to lose 30 lbs by June 1st.  In order to still reach my goal I would have to lose like 5 lbs a week next month!  Five pounds is ALL I lost the entire month of April.  I am not going to let myself get stressed about it.  I’m in this for life.  As long as I’m losing and learning healthy habits and moving in the right direction, right?  I’m at my lowest weight in years.  My new long term goal is to start the new year in the 120’s.  I think that would be a good weight for me.  But time will tell. 

My short term goal is to get to 144.  I like even numbers and I just want to get past the 1/2 way point to 130 so 144 will make me a happy fat woman!  Then my next goal is 143 – the 20 lb weight loss mark!  And I’m so close to both these goals.  I am hoping to see these goals met by next Sunday.   I’ve had a goal to be 138 for years because I thought it was a “normal” BMI for me.  Turns out, not so much.  That’s OK.  I will still rejoice to see that number.  Finally.  Therefore, my goal for May is to reach 138.  That would mean I have to lose 6.5 lbs. for the month.  Totally a realistic goal.

Speaking of BMI – this BMI calculator for women says I’m normal!  This one is for women and men and according to it, I’m overweight.  Finally, this BMI chart  says I need to be 132 to be “normal”.

I just have to remember – nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!  🙂


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