New Goal Met, New Goal Set!

I’m down to 149!  That is a 14 lb weight loss since I started in January 1st!  My Sunday Readings are as follows:

 1 – 163
 8 – 159.5
15 – 159.5
22 – 159.5
29 – 158.5

 5 – 155.5
12 – 156
19 – 159.5
26 – 159.5

 4 – 153
11 – 152
18 – 151.5
25 – 151

 1 – 149.5

Today I’m 149.  If you look at my progress page you can see how much my weight fluctuates.  I know it’s normal to fluctuate and that is why you should weigh only once a week and at the same time of day, but I’m thinking my weight is all over the place! 

I want a permanent loss.  I’ve been a y0-yo dieter for my entire life.  This time I want to learn a new lifestyle.  I really wish I had a trainer to help me build muscle.  I don’t have an excuse because I do have the internet and I’m sure there are tons of videos on youtube and elsewhere. 

OK, on to my new goal!  I am shooting for 148 – 15 lbs!  I can’t wait.  I’m still trying to do 30 min of brisk walking a day.  This past week, I mowed with a push mower and broke a good sweat so I thought that was pretty good.  I need to gain muscle, but I still want to look like a girl!  😉

So, my new goals are – 148, a 15 lb loss (which I hope to meet this month!  But, I’m tempted to not weigh again until Sunday.  Although the fear of gaining will probably draw me to the scales!)
Then 145 because I’ll be 1/2 way to 140.
Then 143, the 20 lb mark.
Then 140, 139, and finally 138 on June 1st.

I can’t remember the last time I lost 14 lbs in a year.  I’ve done it in 3 months.  I don’t have a final goal because I don’t know what weight will be good for me – so much depends on muscle mass and body shape, etc.  I have a goal for the next two months and that is good enough for now!


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