First Goal Met!

I finally lost 10 pounds!  Yay!  I have 14 pounds to go to make it to a “normal” BMI.  This month I’ve been very motivated.  I started putting baking soda in my water – not every glass – to help with ph and acid reflux.  I am not even sure that is what I have but my throat hurts a lot at night.  I’m still getting up a lot to go to the bathroom at night.  I haven’t been eating sugar so I don’t think it’s from my diabetes – which I’m not even sure I have because they keep saying my #’s are fine but they never sent the last results?!  I haven’t checked my blood in a long time but whenever I did the numbers used to be high – like 200 high.  So frustrating!  A good doctor is hard to find.  😦  But I have the Great Physician and I know He can guide me and heal me!  I’m trying to learn what good nutrition really is.  I already know that sugar is bad.  I read Sugar Blues a few decades ago.  I think everyone knows sugar is bad for you – the way we eat it in America.  Our consumption is way up from several generations ago.  And processed junk is bad.  I’ve been watching documentaries on natural healing.  I have decided that I never need another soda water in my life.  I just want to be healthy!  I want to learn to eat right for a lifetime.  I want to cross the line over into a healthy weight range and keep on walking and staying within a healthy range and never cross back over the “fat” line.  Ever!  If I work really hard this month I can start April in the 140’s.  I know I said that about March but February was loaded with chocolate and stress and I wasn’t successful.  😦  It’s OK.  I’m back on track now, Jack!  🙂


2 responses to “First Goal Met!

  1. way to go! so excited for you! 10 lbs seems to be a great catapult in the right direction… hoping to follow your lead *smile*

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