Yes I Can!

Last Friday through Monday I didn’t walk in the moring.  A couple of times I walked some in the afternoon.   I walked yesterday for 30 minutes.  I’ve been eating sugar and not doing too hot all month.  I’m disgusted with myself!  In 2006 I was 178 and I never went back to that weight.  I CAN do this.  I NEVER EVER want to see the 160’s again.  I want to leave the 155’s, too!  And never go back.  It’s so unhealthy.  In 1995 I went to Weight Watchers and went from 149 to 134.5 (from Oct to March) but I gained it back, sadly.  I just have to hate being unhealthy and FAT more than I love being addicted to food.  It’s nuts.  I just have to be determined and be consistant and find a new motivation and make new habits!  I just did my BMI and I could lose 50 lbs and I still would NOT be underweight.  Now, that is disgusting!  According to 102 is underweight for my height.  Lovely.  Also, 138 to 103 is “normal”.  I’d need to lose 53.5 lbs to be underweight.  Now there’s some food for thought!  Perhaps I need to chew on THAT for a while!


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