I had a dream I had an awesome dream
People in the park playing games in the dark
And what they played was a masquerade   
~ Written by Lionel Richie (Say You, Say Me, 1985)

The word “masquerade” always brings this song to my mind.  Then I begin to think of  Mardi Gras, Romeo and Juliet, the Victorian era, and deception.  Pretty much in that order.


the ritual mating dance call
she’ll preen, he’ll prance – both wearing masks
the biggest mascarade of all

Written for Writer’s Island Halloween prompt 2010: Masquerade


12 responses to “Masquerade

  1. Oh, Ana, I loved this. It’s TRUE.

    Very often forms sound contrived, like the writer was trying to stuff too many words into the space, and it comes out like two pounds of sausage in a one-pound sack! But yours is very natural and real. Congrats!

    Amy Barlow Liberatore

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  3. wow..
    masterful Haiku.


    please vote for fellow posts,
    you are nominated, you win one vote, if you vote for other poets, you win another vote.

    upon join the voting, you win at least a runner up award .
    Thanks for the attention.

  5. I loved your play on words here — mascarade – very, very clever poem!

  6. Love “she’ll preen he’ll prance”…. delightfully done!

  7. Very well done Lovely haiku

  8. Love it! So true, too.

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