First Love

first love
she loved her daddy
before she loved you

Inspired by Jingle Poetry.


11 responses to “First Love

  1. Awww…short and sweet.

  2. Hi! It was cute, short and sweet like Mary mentioned.
    I wrote a poem on similar lines about my dad.

  3. That’s why so many girls want to marry a ‘daddy’ figure, just as so many boys want to marry a ‘mommy’ figure.
    (Nobody can ever measure up to those ideals)
    Nice piece.

  4. u make me smile,
    authentic and true love poem,
    love your humor.

  5. 1st love and daddy i can relate to that since i have a daughter thanks for reassuring me that shes gona growup to say this someday 😀
    wonderful three lines ever 😀

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  6. Wow…love the sentiment!! Great right and so true what Eric said!! xx

  7. Loved it, so tight, so precise, so true!

  8. short, sweet n simple.. loved it! 🙂

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  9. Scent of my heart

    So simple, but very beautiful!

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