“Why do you ask,” she replied.
“Oh, just curious,” he lied.
His gaze upon her body flawless
Belied the truth he tried to hide.
He leaned in close and sniffed the leather
And knew they would be good together.
The sweat on his lip, the look in his eye
She knew he’d ask, she knew he’d try.
He looked her over again and thrice
The words came out so calm and nice
“Tell me lady, now what’s your price?”
“Man, she’s my baby, there is no deal!”
She shut the door and gripped the wheel
Flew down the road, a streak of teal.

Written for Sunday Scribblings.

16 responses to “Curious

  1. Wow – you really captured the scene and made this situation immediate. Jae

  2. Interesting ‘curious’ tale told in rhyme! Glad she fled.

  3. Interesting, I never thought it was going down that route but it was fantastic all the same! I could feel that tension, even if only for a moment. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What’s your price??? No wonder you captured this story so well!

  5. Ohh wonderful.
    What he could have had only if he thought.
    Nicely put.
    After reading this I too feel like putting a fiction piece.


  6. Awesome! I really enjoyed reading this. If I loved my car that much, I wouldn’t sell it either!

  7. Ana,
    Great capture of the scene. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Hey, mines for sale right now! Curious to know about it?

  9. I do love the color teal, whether it be a car, a dress, or a shirt, lol. This one works on so many levels, congrats!


  10. I loved reading this. Nice.

  11. I was confused for a while about what this was about, but after reading other comments I get it! It must just have been me…Nice twist!

    • Nah, A.T. I assure you, it was me. It’s OK – words are like that. Sometimes we “get it” sometimes – not so much, but that’s okay! : )

  12. Ah – that’s a fun one!

  13. a fun curiosity.. lovely wordplay 😀

    My Scribbling Is Here

  14. I was confused for a bit too but loved it – what a fun read 🙂

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