Harvest moon hung in the sky
A nice cool blast upon the air
Pumpkin spice and pecan pie
Leaves and scarecrows everywhere
Harvest time, there’s no deny!

Halloween and trick or treat
Apples carmeled- sticky and sweet
Roasted weiners, s’mores too
Venison steaks and venison stew
Enjoying changes in the weather
Scent of spice or smell of leather
Turkey time – WE’RE ALL TOGETHER!

Interesting Trivia ~

Before the 1500s, this season was often called “Harvest”. In fact, the name “Harvest” was used for this season quite commonly up until the end of the 1700s, after which the word “harvest” began to apply more specifically of the gathering of crops.  .  .  .

However, after the Industrial Revolution beginning in the 1700s, fewer people were working on and around farms…So it is easy to see why the word “harvest” became less popular as a season name.

“Harvest” comes from a Germanic word something like “harbistoz” or “harbustoz”, used about two thousand (2000) years ago–this may have come from an older Indo-European root “harb-“, used in words perhaps four thousand (4000) years ago, and meaning something to do with crops or fruit, or with plucking.

By around one thousand (1000) years ago, the Germanic word “harbistoz” had turned into the Old English word “hærfest”. By the time people spoke Middle English, about five hundred (500) years ago, people were already using our word “harvest”.
Read more here http://hea-www.harvard.edu/ECT/Words/index.html

Written for Sunday Scribblings #237 – Harvest


7 responses to “HARVEST

  1. We’re all together!

    That’s the best part of harvest! I love all the images because those are the images that I see when I think of harvest!

  2. creative harvest poem.

  3. Great transatlantic memories and descriptions. (As I live in Australia now it had better be transpacific!) I had never tasted pecan pie before a young American girl worked for me in the office and brought one in to share with the staff. I was converted straight away and am always seduced by a slice in a cafe.

  4. Lovely poems both very apt with the ongoing season. Loved the Harvest Acrostic poem which is so very well done 🙂

  5. Love the poems… nice imagery.

  6. All the Best for your Project.. Thanks for sharing the details about harvest.. The poem here is such a sweet thing to read.. Perfect read for a Saturday Noon.. 🙂 xx

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