Top five things that came to my mind when I read the word “unleash” –

  1. Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers – which lead me to wonder about, and subsequently discover, the meaning behind the title.   The song was written for the 1955 movie “Unchained”, which is set in a minimal security prison .  The main character struggles between his duty to finish out his sentence and his desire to return home to his wife and childern.
  2. “Unleash the Beast/Dragon” – Could be the beast within, Satan unbound, a million other things .  .  .
  3. Unleashed Passion/Inhibition”
  4. “Unleash the Power”
  5. “Unshackled” – From sin, from some weight, situation, divorced

Unleash could also describe: unleashed fury, to unleash the dogs, unleash the terror, the power to fulfill a dream, and so much more!

Now, allow me to present my entry:


Debra was seated at the kitchen table with an open worn-out family Bible and hot cup of coffee in front of her.   She had been up all night long praying and crying and begging God to show her what to do.

Debra was young, barely past 30, but the stress was beginning to show upon her features.  Her hair was already streaked with silver and her almond eyes revealed secrets of hardship that make-up and bottled hair color could no longer conceal. 

It wasn’t until Debra heard the children’s footsteps and voices above her that she noticed the rays of golden sunlight streaming in through the kitchen windows.  She closed her Bible and took another sip of coffee before rising to make breakfast.  She released a heavy sigh, walked over and stood in front of the open kitchen window.   Leaning over the sink and into the window screen she breathed in the crisp scent of a fresh new morning.  She took the eggs and bread out of the refrigerator and began making breakfast.

Little Carrie came in first – in one hand she held her dolly, in the other her blanket.  She climbed up in her chair and  looked at up at the woman making breakfast.  Her long eyelashes opened and closed slowly over her big brown eyes. 

“Well, good morning, Sunshine!”  Debra greeted her toddler.  Carrie smiled and rubbed her eyes then placed her dolly in her lap.

After all five of the children had gathered around the breakfast table, Debra looked into each one of their innocent faces.  Her heart ached for them as she thought about how their world was about to change.  Forever.  Nonetheless, she was ready to face whatever matter of evil that was about to be unleashed upon her and her children for she knew that her Saviour would walk this path with them.

Written for Writer’s Island Prompt #25 for 2010: Unleash



8 responses to ““Unleash”

  1. A very inspirational piece of writing! Nicely done.

  2. A very optimistic and bouyant flash fiction, Ana. Beautifully done.

  3. Sweet story…I like the description of the little girl…so cute.


  4. We can always prevail if we have the will to do so.
    Nicely done.

  5. very beautifully written. Your way of writing is very attractive.

    shubho bijoyadashami (Happy vijayadashami)! May the Goddess fill your life up with beauty and happiness

  6. Your method of brainstorming/process notes were fascinating – I reckon something worthwhile would come out of each one of those. And the story was just right – if it had gone on any longer we’d have got to the bad stuff.

  7. great work and very interesting blog–look forward to reading more

  8. Good story, well-told. And like Viv, I was interested in the process notes. Some of them rang bells and came close to those that went through my own mind when I read the prompt. Thanks for dropping by my site,


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