Once Again

She took the key ring down off the hook and fumbled frantically looking for the right key.  Why do I always get myself into these messes?  She asked herself over and over while she kept one eye on the door and the other on the set of keys.  She could hear their voices down below in the kitchen.  She regretted her decision to come here.  If only she hadn’t opened the door.   Why didn’t she just stay on the path?

She dropped the keys and they landed with a loud thud on the hardwood floor.  She knelt down to retrieve them and saw movement out of the corner of her eye.  She could feel her heartbeat in her throat but she determined she must be brave.  She slowly stood to her full height and stared at the girl with the large hazel eyes staring back at her.  Unconsciously, she reached up and brushed away a stray lock of her hair.  Her golden tresses were  tangled and her clothes were as wrinkled as grandfather’s well-used handkerchief. 

She heard a crash on the floor below and their voices were growing louder.  She brought her attention once again to the keys in her dainty hand.  Her tiny frame and small features would suggest she was five instead of eight.  She knew her grandmother would be very angry if she found out what she done.  Again. 

Finally she found the key and unlocked the window.  She could easily climb out the window and onto the limb of the huge oak tree and make her way safely to the ground before they reached the door.  If only the window weren’t stuck.  She clasped the handle with both of her tiny fists and braced her foot against the wall.   But it would not budge.  In desperation she tried the key again and found that it was only partly turned in the keyhole and therefore, only partly unlocked.  She made certain that this time it was entirely unlocked and she pulled the shutter open and carefully placed one leg outside the window. 

She could make out their words now and knew they had reached the hall outside the door.  She tossed the keys to the floor and swung her second leg out the window.  She leaned over and grabbed onto a limb just as a strong gust of wind blew, but she managed somehow to catch the limb and crawl to the center of the tree.  She heard shouting behind her and glanced up to see three brown heads sticking out of the window where she had been only moments before.   

By the time they spotted her she was already to the ground and running through the forest straight to her grandmother’s house where the aroma of warm oatmeal cookies met her at the door.  But her tummy was full so she gave her grandma a hug before sitting on the floor by the fire where she picked up her favorite doll and began to sing her a song.

Written for Magpie Tales.


19 responses to “Once Again

  1. interesting and well written story of the escape

  2. So clever. I didn’t get it until the “three brown heads”. Fun read!

  3. Wonderfully written tale of an escape… took me also a minute to figure out, then realizing with the brown heads…. Very well done.

    Thank you also for visiting my blog, for more of an explanation on the sale in ‘Living Ghost’ pop over to my comments. I responded with more information (it was not just a story – it’s events actually occured). The eeriness of it is what caused me to write it many years ago and it still occasionally haunts me as to whether it was truly him or not.

  4. Madame Butterfly

    And this time she didn’t stop to eat? Nice Magpie

  5. Stunningly written! Great Magpie!

  6. A delightful Magpie read!

  7. captivating!! very well written

    thanks for stopping by my blog

    cheers 🙂

  8. I could picture her — with that hair of a golden color!

  9. what a delightful little tale.

  10. Kick Out The Jams

    Thats really clever and well written Ana…

  11. That was awesome. I had to read it a second time to figure out who the three brown heads were. I just couldn’t let it go and then when I finally figured it out, I had to laugh. Sometimes I am such a dork. What can I say? Wonderful magpie!

  12. Oh, this is indeed a charming tale! Well crafted!

  13. Clever, I really enjoyed it!

    • Yes, it’s my take on an old popular English fairy tale – continued. I don’t want to give it away and spoil it for any future readers, but you can visit this site and read over 200 versions of the story. 🙂

      Here is the wikipedia link for this fairy tale.

      Thanks everyone for your kind comments! : )

  14. ha. ok took me a minute on the three brown heads but thsi was a delightful read…great magpie.

  15. I liked this…I was biting my nails through the piece…
    Yay, she made it in time 🙂

  16. very clever—great magpie!

  17. love the escape details…
    super fantastic magpie….

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