That Day

I ran out of the house that day
and down into the field
I fell between the bales of hay
and rolled upon my back
I looked up at the puffy clouds
high up in the air
I envisioned they were animals:
a horse, a rabbit, a bear. 
I dreamed I drifted up
and tamed the animals there. 
I mounted the mighty stallions’ back
and we began to fly
In the quiet of the mist
I couldn’t hear her screams
I couldn’t feel his fists
I never saw him coming
with shotgun in his hand
I never felt her tears
I never heard her cry
I simply went on running
With my friends up in the sky

Written for Writer’s Island Prompt #24 for 2010: Envision

8 responses to “That Day

  1. Dramatic!

  2. I envision the “I” of the poem as a small animal, the prey ofthe hunter. Am I way off beam?

  3. You have managed to temper the violence of the piece with such beautiful, tender language..nicely done..Jae

  4. dynamic and fun piece…
    love your imaginations!

  5. Ana, I caught this, absolutely stunning. Thanks for coming to the Island!

    Amy Barlow Liberatore

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