I Saw Me

Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt #235 – Flashback 
I’m also sharing this with Week 11 on the Poetry Pantry!

I saw me young and wrinkle-free
Not a gray hair on my head
I sat down right beside myself
At the foot of my childhood bed
Because I knew where I was going
And I knew where I had been
I had to warn myself – but where does one begin?
I found my journal open and read my entry there
My crush’s name written in hearts – I knew he didn’t care
Should I tell me that in a few short years
He would be bald – whiskers growin’ in his ears
And on Friday nights in the fall
He’d be back here coaching ball
I’m sure that I would say If I could talk to me
Enjoy your friends and family
There’s time a plenty for guys, you’ll see
If time was short and I couldn’t stay long
Perhaps I’d lecture on right and wrong
And preach a sermon or two
About the ways of satan and the lies that he doeth tell
But the thing that I would say I knew
Was to make Jesus Lord, of your life, the One who died for we
So I woke me up and we talked into the night
And I did my best to make my young self see
Before dawn came and I was brought back to twenty 23.

~Please comment and let me know what you do or do not like about this piece!~


12 responses to “I Saw Me

  1. “whiskers growin’ in his ears” – oh, you do know how to hurt a man!

  2. It’s nice to turn back the clock in dreamland but it wasn’t always that crash hot to be young!

  3. What a beautiful, wise piece of writing..Jae

  4. I would not want to go back!
    Delightful piece!

  5. A charming and an enjoyable poem! Great work, Ana!

  6. Definitely thought-provoking. I think we are always meant to be just the age we are. Your poem was fun to read. I liked the flow of the words.

  7. what a beautiful piece, ana! this made me think of the things i want to tell myself if i traveled back in time. .. all those “if i knew then what i know now” stuff. i had fun reading yours. have a great week ahead, girl! thanks for the lovely comment at my blog. 🙂

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