Thursday 13 Rebuttals

This is in response to 13 Excuses NOT to Exercise (see here). 

   1.  Uh, you made time to eat today!
See a doctor to determine what you can do!  Find a way!
   3.  Keep trying new things until you find something you enjoy!   
   4.  You won’t meet a buddy sitting on your sofa!   
   5.  Use a couple of cans of corn!
   6.  Find out when the gym has specials, shop around!
   7.  Done correctly, it can.  And it will improve your health!
   8.  Learn how to be tone without being buff!
   9.  No, you won’t.  Just do it!
 10.  That’s what youtube and exercise videos are for – or hire a personal trainer!
11.  Really, you’re too fat NOT to exercise!
12.  Start slow and do it correctly!
13.  Right, just get moving!

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One response to “Thursday 13 Rebuttals

  1. awesome, awesome list! I particularly loved the cans of corn…hey, any weight will work!

    Thank you for your kind comment on the T13 page…I’m glad to be back LOL!

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