Kings, Queens, and Warriors

They were Kings, and Queens, and Warriors
In their secret kingdom in the ‘hood.

Fierce dragons there were sometimes caught
As brave battles raged on an empty lot.

Maidens by the dozen frolicked in the sun.
Warriors charged in wars lost, and hearts won.

Kings and Queens in their palaces little knew
Of the dangers there ‘neath their high-walled view.

The clash of blade and the victory yell-
Long faded and forgotten as twilight fell.

Written for Monday Poetry Potluck


8 responses to “Kings, Queens, and Warriors

  1. you have painted such a vivid image of kings, queens, and warriors…
    I am there feeling like watching an ancient movie…
    fighting is what we know about them,

    fabulous entry.

  2. love your imagination.
    thanks for sharing your talent with us…

    comment for some poets near your own entry may be helpful to get your work exposed to wider audience…
    Happy Wednesday!
    your support is highly appreciated.

  3. This made me think of West Side Story…Magnificently written!

  4. just fantastic. loved the poem.

  5. forgot to add i am here from jingle’s TPR thursday rally for poets.

  6. Part of what’s good about this poem is that it seems so effortless.

  7. Very well done.. I enjoyed reading it thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

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