Day 36

WEIGHT 152 – NOT good!  However, the Wii showed me that I am 1/2 way to being “normal” in the BMI range!  I have been boarderline obese forever on that thing. 

I have to lose 14 pounds to be “normal”.  Would love to reach that goal by January 1st.  How cool would it be to begin the New Year being “normal”?  😉  If I worked hard and lost 2 more pounds this week, I would only have to lose 4 pounds a month for the next 3 months.  Easy peasy!  That’s about 1 pound a week.  It’s a matter of how badly I want to work to achieve my goal.

BREAKFAST:  2 farm eggs – fried, coffee with milk
LUNCH:  Leftover fajitas, chips & salsa, & leftover jambalaya
SNACK:  Banana & grapes
DINNER:  Tortilla Soup, chips, banana

And, yes, I did exercise today.  I didn’t break a sweat, but I did move.


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