Thursday 13 Excuses

13 Excuses NOT to Exercise:

   1.  I don’t have enough time.
   2.  I have health issues that hinder exercising.
   3.  I don’t enjoy exercising.
   4.  I don’t have an exercise buddy.
   5.  I will once I buy some equipment.
   6.  I have no money to join a gym.
   7.  Exercise won’t make me thin.  (See TIME article here)
   8.  I don’t want to build muscle.
   9.  I will after the holidays.
10.  I don’t know how.
11.  I’m too fat to exercise.
12.  Exercise is too painful.
13.  I got exercise when I lifted this fork to my lips!

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11 responses to “Thursday 13 Excuses

  1. Yes, I believe I have used all of those at one time or another. Check! Nice list. Happy TT.

  2. I think I know most of those excuses, too. In fact I just used the “health issue” one today and stayed off the treadmill because something else was bothering me. But just you wait until Monday…

  3. Very very good TT!! I am currently on a weightloss journey and I use ALL these! I am starting to get through to myself that its just not acceptable! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. #1 is my most used excuse. If I miss doing it in the morning, it’s hard to find time anywhere else in the day.

  5. can someone PLEASE give me some motivation? lol. i fall into almost all 13. kill me now.

  6. How about – I’ll do it as soon as I wake up?

    That’s my most used excuse. LOL!

    I gotta get to it, though. I’ve got a bad case of Writer’s Tush!

  7. Oh, you got me. Some of these excuses are me! 🙂

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