This week I’m joining Sunday Scribblings for writing prompt “#232”:


When I think clean, I think perfect – a clean record, a clean home, a clean slate, and a clean life.  Who doesn’t want a life so clean, it sparkles.  I think people sometimes lose hope and reconcile themselves to living in filth.  I also think that when you have unrealistic expectations that it can cause you to lose hope and apathy consumes until you are so far down a road you never meant to take, that you feel like there’s no going back. 

The path began so innocent and free.
I watched the birds and the the wind playing in the trees.
I kept walking not really seeing where I went.
When I looked up I didn’t recognize the time I’d spent.

How did this happen that the road took a turn?
I stopped and pondered and the sun began to burn.
I felt hopeless and lost and unable to decide.
I prayed that I’d see a sign or perhaps catch a ride.

I just sat there for the better part of a day.
Not knowing – should I continue or should I stay.
I was no longer certain of the original intent.
Fear and exhaustion left me lonely and bent.

The grass grew around me, day turned into night.
Hope drifted away as darkness cloaked the light.
I’d dust myself off and begin again or find some new path.
Fading memories contrast with the life I now hath.

It’s a dirty world we live in and we can all use a little bit of sunshine in our lives!  So, come clean, what can you do to brighten someone’s day?


3 responses to “Clean

  1. What a positive poem! I enjoyed reading it..

    my monkey reads you well

    And don’t forget to aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter to post your work!

  2. that has done a miracle to my morning!

    better clean than careful

  3. I agree, a lovely positive poem :o)

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