This week I’m joining Sunday Scribblings for writing prompt #232:


The first thing that enters my mind when I hear “treatment” is illness and medicine and insane asylums and torture.  I thought that might be a tad dark for a  Sunday write. 

Therefore, I went with the second thing that came to mind – “a treat instead of a treatment”, a phrase that originated with a 1950’s slogan for Old Gold cigarettes that said, “For a treat instead of a treatment, treat yourself to Old Golds!”

It’s Sunday, let’s concentrate on the first syllable of today’s prompt.  Shall we?  Since this is my blog, we indeed shall!

Old Golds for a treat instead of a treatment, no thanks, instead give me:

A cool breeze on a warm summer’s eve.
Fresh clean sheets to crawl under at the end of day.
Shade trees along the river in August.
Children’s private conversations when they’re at play.

The flickering bonfire of a weenie roast in fall
Wildflowers blooming along U.S. highways
Family gatherings when loved ones come to call
Birthdays, celebrations, the holidays – all!

A good book on a rainy afternoon
Homemade hot cocoa and comfort food
Star gazing, meteors, and the harvest moon!
The smell of a new box of crayons

Waking refreshed from a good night’s sleep
Church on Sunday with fellow believers
A good movie to laugh and to weep!
A clean home to return to at the end of a trip

Enjoying the beauty in the sunrise and the sunset
The mountain air, the ocean breeze, the desert sands
Having money plenty, being free of debt
The Father up above, The Word, and Jesus

What do you call a “treat instead of a treatment”?


3 responses to “Treatment

  1. How lovely! And so much from such a small inspiration. Although the bit about money caught me offguard – i wasnt expecting it in the poem – I liked your post very much.

  2. Thank you, Alice! Ah, money – the filthy lucre 🙂 I hate debt, and it fit in the rhyme.

  3. Indeed a treat. Ending and all…

    a child’s play

    And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter!

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