Nineteen, Really?

Wow, who would have expected it?

WEIGHT 154.5

Well, it wasn’t 154 again.

BREAKFAST – Fried farm egg
LUNCH – Fresh spinach, carrots, cucumbers, slice of cheese and nitrate free ham
SNACK – Banana, couple of pretzels, chips
DINNER – Meatloaf, Lemon water

I did do some walking at some gardens in the muggy heat today.  I had to take a nap this afternoon because I had a horrid headache, my throat is still sore and I have a slight cough.  Nap made me feel worse.  I took some pain meds and felt better.  Much.
I was tempted to eat sugar in the form of ice cream or a soda or both, but I was afraid of what that would do to the scales so I resisted.


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