17, again

Again at 154, that is!

BREAKFAST:  Green tea, fried egg

I’m afraid it went downhill from there.  I felt horrid all day with the scratchy throat, slight cough, etc.  Again, it was a dark and stormy day.  I had an awful sleep last night with terrible stomach cramps – I suspect the expired cornmeal is to blame!  I actually crashed on the couch for several hours this evening and now it is way past my bedtime and the kids were up way past theirs.  Ugh!  And they did so well yesterday – up bright and early this AM. 

I was so tired that I went on a binge.  So for the rest of the day I had:
butter beans, almonds, a banana, a peach – huge one with white flesh (I don’t even like white peaches), piece of ham, grapes, and tortilla chips!

I don’t expect I’ll be 154 again tomorrow!  😦

And that’s the good, bad, and the ugly all wrapped up and tied with a bow!


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