Sweet 16

WEIGHT 154 again

BREAKFAST:  Coffee with French vanilla creamer, fried egg
SNACK:  Banana
LUNCH:  Carrots
DINNER:  Butter Beans  with buttered Hoe Cakes 
Also, a bite of BAVARIAN SAUERKRAUT (Didn’t realize “Bavarian” was German for “pile on the sugar, Baby” or I would’ve skipped that  bite altogether!)

I know the meals look rather pitiful, but we are at the end of the pay period and Ikeep forgetting to eat, or don’t want to stop to eat!

The Good:  I did exercise about 15 minutes today.  Dinner was done before 6:oo PM.
The Bad:  I didn’t exercise for an hour.
The Ugly:  The cornmeal for the Johnnycakes was expired.  I discovered this AFTER I ate about 12.  OK, maybe it was more like 4.  Still!

The wind is blowing and the skys are dark.  There’s been a steady rain all day.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  I think I was up twice, but I had disturbing dreams that left me feeling gloomy all day.  The rain, the gloom, the “turtling” with the weight.  All just put me in a somber mood.  I also have a wee bit of a scratch throat.  I feel wasted!  I am going to hit the hay early tonight!

Usually when I’m on a diet I can always find a way to cheat and eat a donut or something but I just felt so horrid with the sugar that I’m not really tempted.


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