Unlucky 13

WEIGHT:  155

Well, it’s the 13th day.  If I were more superstitious I would have expected it – a 1 pound weight gain!  And my little dumplin’ broke my full length mirror.  Now, there’s 7 years bad luck!  If I were superstitious.

BREAKFAST – Coffee with coffemate flavored (read: sugar) $ slice turkey
LUNCH – Mixed green herbs, banana, natural sliced turkey, cheese, carrots
SNACK – Banana, toast
DINNER – Toast, mixed green herbs, avocado, cheese, natural sliced turkey

The Good – I did get exercise cleaning house.  I think I only got up once or twice last night.
The Bad – I didn’t get any “real” exercise.
And The Ugly – I gained weight!  And I didn’t get up until 9 AM


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