Day 10

WEIGHT:  154.5!  Yay, I hit a new low!

Why is it when I reach a new goal that I feel like it is OK to cheat or that I can “treat” myself or relax?  I’m really motivated this time though because I’m feeling better.  The moment of satisfaction eating sweets or junk, will create hours of pain and pounds of fat!  So not worth it!

BREAKFAST:  Coffee with cream and Ezekiel toast with butter
LUNCH:  Sweet Potato, Salad, Salmon patty
SNACK:  Raisins, chips
DINNER:  Taco Salad –  homemade salsa, tortilla chips, black beans, hamburger, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli sprouts, shredded cheese, mixed greens

I resisted the temptation to eat sugar today!  My family went to Sonic and got drinks after church and I had water.

I haven’t been getting all my water in like I should!  Also, I got up 15 min after the alarm went off.  I SO did not want to get out of bed today!

And The Ugly
I, once again, didn’t exercise for 1 hour.  I had chips and I didn’t count them!  I don’t even know how many servings/calories I ate.  Pretty ugly.

I was up at least twice last night . . .


2 responses to “Day 10

  1. Yay for hitting a new low! I know how great that feels. Keep it up!

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