Week 2, Day 2

WEIGHT:  155 – a new low!  🙂

Weight has always been a struggle, well, the losing part.  The gaining comes easy.  Although 155 is my lowest since I began The Perfection Project, I was 155 on March 15th, March 18, 19, and 21.  June 11 and 13 I was 154.  On June 12 I was down to 152.5 a new low for 2010.

I reached 155 a few times in July.  I thought I’d reached 149 after an “attack” this year, but I guess that must have been last year. 

At any rate, once I hit 152, I will be at an all time low for 2010!

BREAKFAST: Egg, coffee with cream (I forgot to eat and midday I thought, “Man, what did I eat for breakfast?  It sure didn’t stay with me!  Then I realized I hadn’t eaten at all!”

LUNCH: Hamburger, Rice, Peas, Turkey Gravy

DINNER: Baked Sweet Potato, Lettuce Salad, Salmon burger

The Good:  I lost weight!  I did exercise for about 15 minutes on the Wii.

The Bad:  I didn’t exercise for an hour.

The Ugly:  I had ketchup with dinner and the turkey gravy had wheat.  I didn’t sleep through the night.


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