Here we are, day two.

This morning I was 159.  *Sigh*  

I had a terrible night last night.  I took forever to fall asleep and then I was up and down going to the bathroom all night.  At about 5 o’clock my sweet dumplin’ crawled into bed with my beloved and me because she had a nightmare. 

I’m sure the not sleeping is the culprit behind my sorry .5 weight loss and had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I was eating peach dump cake way past 6 PM last night!

If I am going to weigh myself daily, I must not let the numbers determine my attitude or my behavior.

I cannot worry about the results.  I can only worry about my behavior which is largely responsible for said results.  I must keep my eyes on the prize, never allowing my enthusiasm to waver, and having the courage to change when I am no longer seeing progress.

SUCCESSES (Which shall hereafter be called “The Good”):
I did lose .5 lbs.
I took a brisk walk in August in the Texas heat.
I walked for 30 minutes on the path at the park while the girls played at the playscape while their daddy sat near and read the paper and downed a cappuccino and read the paper.
For breakfast I only had an egg and black coffee.

FAILURES (Which shall hereafter be called “The Bad”):
I got up a 1/2 hour after the alarm went off.
For lunch I had leftover meatloaf sandwich – open face with leftover peach dump cake.
I didn’t get any more exercise in.
I don’t think I got enough water in.

I was very tempted to order pizza because my kitchen is such a wreck!  I need to keep a spotless kitchen so that I don’t have an excuse NOT to cook!

Tomorrow’s Goals:
Exercise for 30 minutes.
Get up on time.
Go to bed on time.
Write a Menu for the week!
Enjoy good eating habits – enjoying each bite and sitting at the table to eat!

Also, I want to make time – one on one time (not school-related) – with each of my precious girls every day!


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