Let The Games Begin!

My biggest goal, like any good American woman, is to lose weight.  I want to be healthy, to be at a healthy weight.  And maintain. 

I weighed 159.5 this morning.  (I am 5’2.5.  Point of reference, Salma Hayek is 5’2″, 115 lbs.  Not that a 45 lb weight loss is going to turn me into a beautiful Mexicana, I’m just sayin’!)

Another goal is to live by schedule and routine.

Today I got up on time – despite getting up all night long and getting to bed after my bedtime.

I went out for a 30 minute swim with the little ladies this morning.

I didn’t have any carbs for breakfast!  I was tempted to scarf on candy, but opted for some frozen Mango Chunks instead.  Yum!  🙂

This evening I made a peach dump cake  of which I only had a small portion and I resisted the urge to return for more!

I cleaned my bathroom – a chore that was long overdue!

I wanted to exercise this evening, but it didn’t happen.
I should have skipped the dessert altogether!
I should be in bed right now, ha! 
Goals for tomorrow:
Get up on time
Get to bed on time
Exercise 30 minutes
Enjoy good eating habits

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